Who Are These People?


Private Tom Ferguson

born: February 20, 1925 in Roanoke, VA

died: December 20, 2006 in Dallas, TX

Inducted into the army June 1943 and separated in January 1946

Unit: 567th AAA (AW) Battalion Battery C

Camps posted at in the U.S. included Camp Lee, Virginia; Camp Haan, California

Arrived in England October 25, 1944

Arrived in France at Le Havre on December 18, 1944

Home Front:

Mom and Pop – Tom’s parents – Hiram and Carrie Ferguson of Wasena Avenue, Roanoke. Hiram Ferguson worked for the Norfolk & Western Railroad.

Bernard Ferguson – sometimes called “Jack” – Tom’s oldest brother. Bernard was already married and had a child when the draft began so he was not called up until later in 1945. He served in the Pacific after V-J Day and ultimately returned to his family in Roanoke.

Bill Ferguson – Tom’s younger brother. Bill was a teenager during the time dad was in the service. Uncle Bill is currently living in Roanoke.

Charlotte Ferguson, now Mitchell – Tom’s little sister. Charlotte was in her early teens when dad went into the army. Aunt Charlotte is the genealogist in our family and her enthusiasm for all things history has always inspired me. Charlotte is married to Audie Mitchell and they currently live in Slidell, Louisiana.

Aunt Bess and Audrey – Tom’s aunt and cousin. They lived in the Los Angeles, California area during the war and he was able to visit them from Camp Haan.

Shelley Ferguson – I am Tom’s youngest daughter. I am a history buff and lover of things nostalgic. I hope you enjoy this blog.


2 Responses to “Who Are These People?”

  1. Charlotte Mitchell December 17, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    A favorite memory of mine is when Tom came home after the war. I think it was sometime in 1946. When he left I was 13 and when he returned I was 16. I was dating some and one night the phone rang and when I answered a voice said “Charlotte”. There was no operator voice or any reason for me to think it was a long distance call. I said “This is she” or maybe just “Yes” and he said this is Tom. I didn’t recognize his voice and I asked “Tom who.” He never let me forget that over the years. What a welcome!

  2. Jerry W Leonard September 19, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    RE: Spec 5 Henry Baine Leonard, C Batt 567th AAA (AW).
    Dad passed away on 21 March 1980. He was always very proud of his service with the 567th AAA and the men with which he served.
    Jerry W. Leonard
    CPT, USA [Ret]

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