Dallas Magazine Aug 1947

In October 1943, Pfc. Tom Ferguson wrote home that after the war ended he planned to marry the girl he left behind in Roanoke. They even set a date before he had to leave home for the army: June 29, 1947. Their relationship didn’t survive but that didn’t seem to upset anyone. I did some checking and found out that on June 29, 1947 dad was staying at the Double Y Guest Ranch, a “dude” ranch just outside Dallas, Texas. He had graduated photography school courtesy of the G.I. Bill and was working at the Dallas studio of photographer Thomas K. Cone. The dude ranch was his first feature assignment as a new photographer and he was quite excited by the opportunity. Although he did not receive a published credit for his photos, his employer Mr. Cone was generous in crediting the work to Tom Ferguson among the local photographers’ community. Note the photo just above the article title, the one of the riders looking out at the lake with a pale moon in the background. Tom Ferguson (my father) made a note in his copy of the magazine that it was the most talked about photo. He never told anyone he created the “moon” by laying a dime on the paper when he exposed the original print.



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