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I’m still out here in my bungalow

9 Oct

October 5, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dear Charlotte,

I got all your letters last night and I’m sorry you are sick. I hope you get o.k. soon ’cause I guess it must be pretty bad not being able to eat.

I was glad to get to say hello to you Sunday too. Maybe in a couple of months I will be home on a furlough. Our training is over after we finish this desert training. I don’t know for sure how long we’ll be here but I’ll be glad when we leave for good. I’ll send a postcard of Barstow. It shows most of the main town, there’s not much to it but it’s the only town around. All the west, north, and east of here is desert. I’ll be glad when I can get a pass long enough to get back to North Hollywood because I really love that place.

The only movie star I’ve seen lately is Frank Morgan who I saw in Barstow. He owns a ranch somewhere around here and he’s pretty well known around Barstow.

From what you say I guess Charlie Dillion must be the same as when I left – out with a different girl every time. I’m afraid I’ve lost Helen. She hasn’t had time to answer my last letter yet but I’m afraid she’s still mad. Oh well, Hollywood is full of beautiful girls and maybe Audrey can introduce me to some of them.

I am writing Nancy today. I got a letter from her some time ago but I’ve been putting off answering. Earnest Fawcett is stationed in Miami, Florida in a hotel and I’m still out here in my bungalow (pup tent.)

Guess I’ll close up for this time. Write me a lot.

Love from “Duke”