We’re living out on the firing range now

15 Oct
June 12, 1944
Camp Stewart, Georgia

Dear Mom

I’m in Georgia now and I like it fine. We’ve been awfully busy. Whenever we move there’s always a lot of work. It’s a lot better than in Louisiana. We’re living out on the firing range now in pyramid tents. It’s a little ways out from the main part of camp but it’s real nice. We’ve got lights, showers, a PX and everything. It’s awful hot here though, that’s the only objection I’ve got. Where we are now is only about 18 miles from Savannah.

The movement to here was secret and so I didn’t get a chance to write on the way. I came pretty close to home, too. We went way up in Tennessee. The heck of it was we stopped for about two hours in Knoxville and that’s right where Helen is. That’s almost as bad as it was coming through Roanoke on the way to Camp Haan.

The Battalion had some stationary printed with our insignia, the “Allegheny Aristocrat.” They gave us that name because so many of the men are from Virginia. We’ve got the insignia painted on our gun and trucks and everything.

I guess I’ll close for tonight. I put some match covers in for Bill.

Love to all, Tom


One Response to “We’re living out on the firing range now”

  1. Rebecca Royal October 15, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    I have really missed these postings. Thank you so much. Sue

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