Camp Stewart has WACs too!

15 Oct

June 15, 1944

Camp Stewart, Georgia

Dear Mom

We’re moving again, out of these tents into the main part of Stewart into barracks. I’m glad of that. It will be a lot nicer and Stewart has a lot of Service Clubs, movies, and everything like that. WACs too.

I broke my watch today, or rather it stopped. I think the main spring is broken. I won’t send it home until I find out whether I can get it fixed in camp or not, at Polk we had a place to get watches fixed and pretty cheap too. I don’t know whether they one here or not. We’re moving into the main camp Saturday.

We’re having a four week schedule that’s going to be pretty hard. It’ll be five day problems, firing and all that. After that we’ll probably start getting ready to go overseas. I won’t get a furlough until after this four weeks is over, but after that I expect I’ll get one. It’ll probably be in August.

All the news looks good now. I hope it won’t last much longer cause I sure am getting tired of this life. There ain’t no place like home, and when I get back I think I’ll stay around pretty close. We’ll guess I’ll close for this time.

Love to all, Tom


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