Heard yesterday that the invasion had started

6 Jun
June 6, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

I’ve got good news I think. We’re moving to Camp Stewart, Georgia pretty soon and that’s positive. I haven’t hardly had time to do anything since I’ve been back. I’ve been working over at Camp Polk on the train. I expect we’ll leave in the next couple of days cause the train is all packed and ready. We’re taking all the guns and trucks on flat cars just like we did last time.

I’ve been pretty homesick ever since I got back, but I guess that’s natural after spending two weeks at home and then coming back to this. I think I will get another furlough but I don’t know when it will be. It won’t be as soon as I thought. We’re going to fire in Georgia and while we’re firing they won’t let anybody out on furloughs.

Camp Stewart is about 30 miles from Savannah, so I’ll be a lot closer home. I think we’re out from under that overseas alert too.

I heard yesterday that the invasion had started. I haven’t gotten hold of any papers to see how it’s coming. But I sure am glad it’s started. I hope it won’t be long before the war is over.

Love to all, Tom


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