We’re getting good food now

3 Jun
April 23, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

I spent this Sunday here in camp. It’s not so very long before I get my furlough so I want to save all the money I can.

We are still camped in the same place and I haven’t heard anything about moving yet. We have a nice camp with a Post Exchange and everything. There is even a quartermaster laundry near here and we get our laundry done free. We don’t get showers but about twice a week unless we get a pass and go to town. It’s a nice area here, grass with tall pines, I like it a lot better than the desert.

We took a hike the other day, it wasn’t but eight miles but it was pretty rough. We went through underbrush, waded through creeks and everything. I like to hike though about as well as anything we do.

We’re getting good food now, we had chicken for dinner today and steak for supper. They don’t have a very good stove out here it’s just a field range and they can’t bake or anything like that, but here lately the meals are pretty good.

Well I guess I’ll close for this time. I have my watch and buckle ready to mail and when I get a chance to get it insured I’ll send it on.

Love to all, Tom


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