The 567th is having a big party

30 May
April 19, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

I got your letter yesterday and the box day before. Thanks a lot for the box. I sure did enjoy it. We’ve been pretty busy the last few days. We had to fire rifles and throw hand grenades and a lot of other stuff.

The 567th is having a big party May 10th. It’ll be one year then since the Battalion was put into use and we’re going to some town in Texas and have parades and a party and a big celebration. The Battalion has been named the “Allegheny Aristocrat” cause most of the men are from up in Virginia. We have an insignia too.

I hope Bernard won’t have to come in the army cause it will be pretty hard on them with Lois being sick. If he should have to go, I’d get in the Navy or Coast Guard if I could. He’d be a lot better off than in the army. I sure wished I had gone in the Navy. One thing about it is you always have a place to sleep and food. Lots of time we don’t have either.

Love to all, Tom


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