I like it here except for sleeping on the ground

30 May
April 19, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Hi William

Just be patient, I’ve got a lot of camping equipment for you but I haven’t gotten all I want to get yet. I have been turning in the stuff for new stuff and it takes a little time cause if I turn it all in at once they’d get suspicious. Here’s what I have: a canteen outfit, cup canteen and cover; an infantry field pack, a pup tent (brand new); and a few other little things. Let me know if you need a mess kit and I’ll get one of those too. I don’t know whether you’ll want to use the infantry pack or not but it is good to carry your bedding in. We’re still camped here in the same place and it might be some time before we pull out.

I get my furlough in about two months, it’ll probably come about the last of June. I hope we don’t move before then unless its closer home. I like it here except for sleeping on the ground and I’m getting used to that.

Guess I’ll close for this time.



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