The Captain’s gone to try to find the Battalion

28 May
April 2, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

The maneuvers are over and we are on our way to another camping area near Leesville like we had when we first came here. We’ll be there for two weeks for sure and then I don’t know where we’ll go. Right now ‘C’ battery is lost from the rest of the Battalion and they can’t get communication through ‘cause we are about 100 miles apart. We’re camped near Many, Louisiana now and the Captain’s gone to try to find the Battalion.

The last phase of the maneuvers was a lot of fun. The enemy got within about 50 yards of our gun and the umpires marked it destroyed and we started crawling along with the infantry, firing our rifles.

Our changing might make a change in the system of furloughs. I hope we’ll get them sooner. I’m anxious to get home again. It sure was swell those four days I was there. Everything was just like it was when I left it seems almost like I hadn’t been gone hardly any time. I’ll be glad when it’s over. It’s a lot harder on some people than it is on me. I’ve got used to it and I stay happy here. I hope Bernard won’t have to go cause it will be hard on him.

Love to all, Tommy


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