I took a hike and found enough equipment to start a quartermaster corp all my own

28 May
April 12, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

I got the clothes today and they got here in time for the inspection. I haven’t had any time to write the last few days, this is the first night I’ve had off this week. Last night we had to go through an infiltration course where you crawl along under machine gun fire. The only thing bad about it was it was pitch dark and there was a lot of barbed wire entanglement to go through. Another thing that made it uncomfortable was you see the bullets and they sure did look close.

Helen’s got me worried again. I haven’t heard from her for a week and I was getting letters almost every day. She’s gonna cause me to have a nervous breakdown.

It looks like we might be here for a couple of months yet. There won’t be any more maneuvers but still I don’t like living in this pup tent, this ground I have for a mattress isn’t like the mattress on my bed at home.

Tell pop to be patient, I’ll send him that buckle as soon as I get a chance. I’ve got an Infantry field pack for Bill, also a canteen outfit and maybe I’ll be able to get a mess kit. I took a hike Sunday by myself (about 2 miles) and found enough equipment that the army had left to start a quartermaster corp all my own. I’ve got gloves, helmet, mosquito net, field pack, canteens, pup tents and almost everything else.

The Chaplin had Easter services here last week and I got to go to most of them. I got another copy of the “Upper Room” from the church. They send me a lot of nice letters and books and things. I’ll have to write them a letter when I get a chance.

I guess I’ll close for tonight, Give my love to everybody.

Love to all, Tom

P.S. Marvin Nuckles that was on that prison detail with me got a corporal’s rating last week. The poor guy’s in the hospital with poison oak now though.


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