April makes nine months I’ve been in the army

26 May
April 1, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

The beginning of April makes nine months I’ve been in the army. It doesn’t seem long but I hope I’ll be out before nine more months. The weather sure is swell down here now, most of the trees are out and it feels just like spring.

We are starting the second day of this problem and so far we haven’t had to set up our gun or dig in. We had to get up this morning and walk about three quarters of a mile for our breakfast. We just got back and the sun’s coming up now.

We are going into a bivouac camp near Leesville after the maneuvers to wait for shipment. They are going to have an inspection to find out what clothes we’ve lost so send my wool pants and shirt as soon as you can, also that khaki shirt. Keep the officer’s shirt there. Send them as soon as you can because the inspection will be coming up in about ten days.

I got your letter this morning. Having to go through an army Post Office like Shreveport makes the mail a lot slower. I am glad to hear Lois is better.

Love to all, Tom


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