I’m anxious for the war to get over so I can start planning

23 May
March 18, 1944
Leesville, Louisiana

Dear Mom

We finally got to Leesville but we haven’t been able to find our outfit yet. We had a pretty nice trip down here. We had some layovers but I didn’t mind that ‘cause I got to see some towns. We had a few hours in Pittsburg then about 10 hours in St. Louis and 5 hours in Shreveport. Pittsburg was a pretty nice town but it’s smokey just like they say and you don’t see the sun ‘til about 11 o’clock. We got there about 9 in the morning and left that afternoon about 3. Our prisoner has been easy to handle. Last night we got a room here in Leesville and we all went to sleep but he was right with us when we woke up.

We had a nice time in St. Louis. The U.S.O. gave us some tickets to a show and we enjoyed that very much. St. Louis is a right pretty town and pretty large too. That was the first time I’d been to Shreveport too, and that’s a nice town. I guess it’s about the size of Roanoke or probably a little larger.

You know of all the places I’ve been, there ain’t no place like home. It sure did feel good to be home. The maneuvers are going to be over soon and I may get my furlough sooner than it is scheduled. I hope so anyhow, that was a nice sample I had while I was there but now I’m more anxious than ever to get home. I want more than anything else for this war to be over. I talked to several girls coming down here on the train to see their husbands. One girl came down to Leesville on the same train we did. She had a baby and she couldn’t find any place to stay after she got here.

I’m anxious for the war to get over so I can start planning. I’m nineteen now and I’m gonna get a late start. I don’t want to get married for a good while but I want to get ready to get married and get my own home and everything but I doubt if I can now. If I could get a good job back with the N & W I’d be alright and I hope that’s what I’ll be able to do.

I guess I’ll close for this time.

Love to all, Tom

P.S. Tell dad that I rode down from Shreveport with that Mister Good that he was telling me about.


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