Being in the army is getting mighty tiresome

14 May
February 26, 1944
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

We are on a rest period right now. We have a pretty hard time keeping clean because we never get a chance to take showers, but today I took a bath in a creek. It was cold but sure did make me feel good.

These maneuvers are getting mighty tiresome. In fact, being in the army is getting mighty tiresome. I’m pretty sick of it all. I hope it won’t last so much longer. I’ve kinda gotten used to being away from home but still sometimes I get mighty homesick. For the last couple of days I’ve just about stayed homesick. It’s just gonna be the happiest day in my life when I can dress up in a white shirt and all my old clothes, step out the front door into that old terraplane and take off for a date just like old times, and forget about guns and tactics and stuff like that. I hope it won’t be long, I pray every night it won’t be long. So many people are getting it a lot harder than I am.

I got the Sunday paper you sent and I sure did enjoy it. I got a letter from Bill today, tell him I’ve got a whole pup tent for him and I’ll send it as soon as I get a chance.

Guess I’ll close for this time.

Love to all, Tom


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