The chocolate cake will come in good out here

17 Feb

February 13, 1944


Dear Mom

Today is Sunday but it doesn’t seem much like it. We had a rest period yesterday but we went back on maneuvers this morning. It seems kind of strange to contrast this Sunday with some I used to have. It has turned very cold and that is making it very hard for us.

I got your letter yesterday and Bill’s. Tell dad if he can get me some more flashlight batteries I sure can use them. The Coast Artillery pins are for the kids. And mom, whatever you do, don’t insult the Coast Artillery by calling its insignia the Coast Guard insignia.

I’m near a town named Deridder. I guess it’s about 20 miles from Leesville. We will be in Texas sometime during the maneuvers to do some firing.

The chocolate cake will come in good out here and I can’t think of anything better I’d like for my birthday. Oh yes, if I could get some of those heavy boot socks like dad used to have they would be good.

I had a letter from Helen yesterday too. We’re getting along ok. She sure is a sweet girl.

Love to all, Tommy


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