We will start on our maneuvers next Sunday

1 Feb

January 31, 1944

Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Mom

I like it here ok. We will start on our maneuvers next Sunday. I was on a pass this last weekend. I stayed in this little town about two miles from where we are camping, Leesville. I tried to call you all but I never got the calls through. I waited about six hours but I had to come back so I canceled them.

I sent a roll of film home and I wish you would get them developed for me. There’s some pictures of Audrey and her baby and some of the fellows around here. Tell pop that I met that Smith boy that used to work in Mr. Barnett’s section, at the Storehouse, in Leesville. He is in a 40 millimeter anti-aircraft outfit same as I am. I know a lot of boys in the army in this vicinity and I expect I’ll run across some more of them during the maneuvers.

The weather is warm down here and it doesn’t get cold like it did in California during the night. I’m not near any towns so I ought to save up some more money. I have around $60 and tomorrow is payday so I’m doing alright. I wish I could have talked to you all on the phone but I’ll try again whenever I get a chance.

Love to all, Tom

P.S. Excuse the dirt on the second page but our mascot, a collie pup, was running around and stepped on it where I had it laying beside me.



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