I’m deep in the heart of Texas

23 Jan

January 23, 1944

Texas (in route)

Hi Jitterbug!

I’m deep in the heart of Texas now and we’ve been traveling three days. We’re at a place named Childress now; they let us get off and roam around a bit. Here’s a couple of  match covers I picked up along the line tho.

We’ve been having a lot of fun on this train you know, talking to girls and everything. I was talking to a couple back in Childress. But there ain’t as many pretty girls in Texas as there were back in California. One place where we stopped back in California was right beside an orange grove. I guess you know, we’re still eating those oranges.

You remember Earnest Fawcett and Charlie Dilbin and Hugh Ferguson? All of them are writing me. Fawcett’s in Kentucky, Dilbin and Paris Island, and old Ferguson in New York City. I believe all of them will get home before I do and all of them went in after I did. I ought to get a furlough after maneuvers are over though. I hope so anyhow. I’m glad mom got to talk to Reg Powell. I sure will be glad when I get a chance to come home.

So long, Tom


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