We are going into the Third Army

14 Jan

January 9, 1944

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom

They told us yesterday that we would be leaving Camp Haan about a week from today. We are going to Lousiana for maneuvers which will take about one or two months. I kinda hate to leave here but it will be a lot closer to home. It looks like everytime I try to see you all something happens.

We are getting out of the A.A.A.T.C. (anti aircraft training center) which has been making a lot of stiff rules for us, and I am glad of that. We still do the same thing, of course but we are going into the Third Army. It may mean that I’ll get my furlough earlier because their ruling is probably different.

Maneuvers will probably be pretty tough but I’ll be glad to get them over with. We are the first outfit to be taken to Louisiana from Camp Haan for maneuvers, most of them go to Oregon. Anyhow I’m glad to see us moving east and we’ll probably move further east after because the order says we won’t come back to Camp Haan.

I guess I’ll close now, I want to go to church. I am in Los Angeles and I want to visit one of the large churches. The pastor of the Methodist Church at home sent me a copy of the Upper Room and a very nice letter.

Love to all, Tom


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