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4 Jan

1943 was an exciting year for 18 year old Pfc. Tom Ferguson. He was drafted into the army and shipped out almost immediately after graduation. Sent to Camp Haan, California, dad was trained in anti-aircraft artillery and the army way of life. He saw a handful of movie stars and toured around Los Angeles and Hollywood. But he also learned a long hard lesson in the strength of homesickness.

I am always moved and humbled by dad’s upbeat tone and obvious concern that his parents not worry about him. When I read these letters, I imagine grandma and granddaddy reading them in the breakfast nook in their kitchen and looking for reassurances that their son was truly alright. I can’t imagine what sending a son off to war must be like. I’m grateful an entire generation had the courage and will to do just that.

1944 sees Pfc. Tom Ferguson on the move. There’s maneuvers in and around Shreveport, Louisiana and training in Camp Stewart, Georgia. D-Day comes and goes. He and Helen call it quits on good terms. Dad fills out a form Last Will and Testament the army gives him leaving everything to his parents and heads across the ocean to England and then over to France during one of the  worst and coldest winters in European history.

Best of luck and Godspeed allies!

-your grateful daughter Shelley


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