Thanks a million to all of you

30 Dec

December 29, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom

I got the package from you all today. Thanks a million to all of you. The gloves and writing paper certainly are nice. Tell pop thanks for the tobacco and Bill for the cigarettes. Cake and candy come in good anytime.

I still don’t know anymore about where I’ll be in January but we are going to the desert soon for sure. There’s a chance that I’ll get my furlough sooner but as it stands now I get it according to schedule. The battery had to turn in a report as to how many flat cars it would take to ship too, and that may mean we’ll be pulling out for somewhere soon.

Have you all gotten the box of dates I sent yet? I just now got Helen’s box. Gee whiz it had everything in it: shower slippers, lots of tobacco (one of those John Middleton blend sets), a pipe, set of toilet articles, and a candy box. She sure is good to me. I believe I got the best girl in the world. I hope I can always keep her, she’s the first girl I was ever really in love with.

Love to all, Tom


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