I had a very nice Christmas (thanks for the lift Constance Moore!)

27 Dec

December 27, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Happy New Year

Dear Mom

Considering I wasn’t at home. I had a very nice Christmas. I really enjoyed myself.

I’ll start out and tell you all about it: well, Daryl Keller, Ray Gaspar and I left Friday evening for Los Angeles, we got there about 9 p.m. and couldn’t find any place to sleep. We wandered around L.A. in U.S.O. clubs and all around. Everybody was in that Christmas Eve spirit and it was a lot of fun just to walk around. We went to a hotel lobby and went to sleep in the chairs but pretty soon a guy came around, woke us up and asked us if we wanted a free bed, we said sure so he led us down the street and into a building where they had a lot of cots and we slept there. It was a Jewish organization, but they were awfully nice. We had a free breakfast too.

About 8 a.m. Saturday morning I left Ray and Darl to go out to Aunt Bess’. I got a street car out to Universal Studios, or rather I meant to go to North Hollywood and I got off there by mistake so I was lost. I was walking up past a little hotel and I asked an old man where Lockheed Aircraft was and he told me where it was then asked my where I was from. I told him and he said he had been to Roanoke a lot and then said he was going up the road and he would take me part the way.

He owned the hotel and took me in and showed me all around. I met his family and then he got the car out and took me up as far as he was going (that’s California hospitality for you.) I finally got over to Aunt Bess’ and spent the day over there. Audrey had a lot of her friends over and I had a real nice time. Edgar who is stationed down in San Diego got to go home for Christmas. I slept over their Christmas night and I had planned to meet Darl and Ray at Hollywood and Vine so I left Aunt Bess’ early Sunday morning.

We rambled around Hollywood sight seeing and having a good time in general. Sunday afternoon we decided to go to Beverly Hills so we started hitchhiking. Well we were standing along the side of the road and (this is the best part of our trip) here comes a big Chrysler New Yorker with a beautiful girl in it. She stopped and picked us up. We got in and were talking to her about the weather, Hollywood, and stuff like that. Ray asked her if she had ever been to Beverly Hills before and had she ever seen them making movies. Well I thought I had seen her before and I was trying to figure out where. And when we drove up at the Beverly Hills Hotel I decided to ask her who she was so I did, she just said “Oh, I’m Constance Moore.” I guess you know we were three pretty surprised soldiers to find out we had been riding all that way with a movie star.

In the tennis court at the hotel we watched Katherine Hepburn play tennis for a while. We walked around Beverly Hills for a while and saw some of the stars’ home. After that we started back to Camp. Now you see why I said I had a pretty nice Christmas.

Guess I’ll close for now. I hope this Christmas will be the last one I have to spend away from home.

Love to all, Tommy


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