We had a pretty nice time at our Thanksgiving supper

5 Dec

December 2, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dearest Mom,

We are leaving Camp Irwin tomorrow and we will bivouac into Haan and get there Friday. I hope we stop in Victorville cause I would like to look up Bill Moundfield.

I’ve been promised a weekend pass when I get back to Haan and I want to get over to see Aunt Bess if I can. Audrey wants me to go to the Palladium with her and I’d like to go there again myself. Audrey’s husband is in Hawaii and she gets mail from him in about three or four days. So he’s not in any immediate danger and she hears from him often; it’s not so bad as it could be. I like it over there and it’s awfully nice to be with them.

I got paid today and I’ve got about $115 on hand so I’ll have plenty of money for my furlough. They are arranging for reservations on the train for us and so I won’t have to worry about that.

It’s too bad pop had to work Thanksgiving. Doggone he kept writing about being off and going to the cabin and chickens, mince pie, and all that. But he had to work too so I got to laugh back at him. We had a pretty nice time at our Thanksgiving supper tho. We sang some hymns and the captain led us in a prayer.

Love to all, Tom


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