We captured 5 gun positions out of 8

5 Dec

December 4, 1943 (16 more days to furlough)

Camp Haan, California

Dearest Mom

I didn’t get a chance to write on the way in from Irwin but we were on the field all the time and didn’t get into any town. We ate K rations (dehydrated food) all the time. We had a lot of fun though and I enjoyed it very much. A couple of guys got some pretty hard knocks and busted noses but we came through pretty well. We captured 5 gun positions out of eight.

I’ve got a big stack of letters to write as I got pretty much mail while I was out. I got a real nice Christmas box from the N&W. It had shaving creme, blades, tooth paste, and several other toilet articles besides a Bible, writing paper, candy, peanuts, and etc. I haven’t got Aunt Emma’s box yet. I don’t think you all had better send me a box for Christmas because I’m pretty sure I’ll be home and if I don’t get home it won’t hurt to get it a little late.

I think it is the best thing to move our membership to the Virginia Heights Methodist. If you all like it and dad does, I will too. I’m glad dad and you can go together. I think it’s a lot nicer and I would want my membership moved there too.

I am on guard this week – and so I wasn’t able to get a pass but I want to get back over to Aunt Bess’ as soon as I can. I think we will stay here for a pretty good while. Training is over in a couple of weeks and then we’ll have a pretty easy time and if we stay in the U.S. furloughs might not be so far apart. I will have plenty of money for my furlough so don’t you all worry about that.

Guess I’ll close for tonight as I’ve got to walk post in a few minutes.

Love to all, Tommy


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