Had a swell time at the Hollywood Palladium on 40¢

21 Nov

November 14, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom

I’m feelin’ mighty fine this Sunday. I was on a pass til 6:00 this morning and I got a ride to Hollywood and so I went over there. I went to the Hollywood Palladium and had a swell time on 40¢. The Palladium is Hollywood’s biggest dine and dance place and it’s really beautiful inside. They had Les Brown’s Orchestra playing and it’s only 40¢ to service men. I hope that you all come out here some day. There’s lots of things to see. Audrey wants me to take her dancing there sometime. She doesn’t get out much since her husband left. I would have gone over to see them yesterday if I had had a full weekend pass, but I just drove up with the mess sergeant and back early this morning.

We will be going out on the desert for a week or maybe two and we will probably get our furloughs after that. I’m awful anxious to get home. I miss you all so much. I’ll be glad when the war is over and I can be free again.

                                                                                               Love to all, Tommy


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