We have a new battery commander

17 Nov

November 11, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom

We have a new Battery Commander. He’s a captain and he’s a swell fellow. He took me to Riverside the other night and I asked him exactly what was the dope on our furloughs. We were to receive them the 22nd of this month but 4 weeks was added on our training and that will set the furlough back. We will have to go back to the desert in three weeks. We’ll stay out there a week or so then about a week after we get back furloughs ought to start. I’m hoping I’ll be home for Christmas and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get home sometime the last of December or the first of January. It will give me a chance to save a little more money anyhow.

I am still planning to call the 21st. If you all say it’s ok. Thanks a lot for fixing up my camera and sending it. I’ll be able to get a lot of good pictures of the scenery, and of me and some of the other fellows.

We’re having it pretty easy now and a little better living too. I went to a dance last night and I get to go into town pretty often. I was in swimming the other day, too. It’s not so bad when you can get a little recreation once in awhile.

They had a new order coming out on A.A. artillery. They won’t be training any more of them, at the present anyhow. This new captain said that the U.S. had air superiority and as long as we have that they won’t need these troops so much. It may mean that we’ll get a little better training too.

I guess I’ll close for this time.

                                                                                              Love to all, Tommy


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