Take it easy with the zoot suit and neat pleat

15 Nov

November 9, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Thomas Riley Ferguson
Army Serial No. 33652379
Battery ‘C’ 567th
Anti Aircraft Artillery
(Automatic Weapons)
Battalion (Mobilized)
Camp Haan, California
No. 1 – Second Gun Section

Hello Scout,

How do you like that for an address. I guess that’s what it is if you wrote out all of it. Here’s a couple of match covers for our collection. I was surprised as everything to hear about you going to a dance. I believe you’re going to be as bad as I was — meaning zoot suits and dancing and everything. They tell me you have a girl too.

I hope I will be able to get up to Bernard’s place when I get a furlough.

When are you going to get Eagle? I guess you must be pretty close to it by now. I’ll be anxious to get back and do some camping where there ain’t nobody around to tell me how to do everything.

I ain’t got much to write about tonight so I guess I’ll close for this time. Take it easy with the zoot suit and neat pleat, and don’t jive too much.

So long for now, 
Pvt. Thomas R. Ferguson

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