I went to the Hollywood Canteen

15 Nov

November 8, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom

I am back in Haan now and living pretty good for a change. I’m afraid that we aren’t going to get our furloughs as soon as I expected. It may be the last of December or in January as they have added more time on our training. We will have to go out on the desert for a couple of weeks too, sometime before we get the furlough. I hate for that to happen. I was counting on being home for Thanksgiving, but then I will be able to save more money and there’s a chance that I may get home for Christmas. Anyhow I don’t feel any too badly about it although I am disappointed.

I was over in Hollywood yesterday and I spent the day with Aunt Bess and Audrey. I really had a wonderful time. After being around strangers for so long it felt mighty good to be with my own relatives for a change. Audrey and I went over and had dinner at the Vega Air Terminal, in a real nice restaurant called the Skyroom. It sits up and looks out over the airfield. While we were eating lots of Passenger planes and Flying Fortresses and other army planes, too, came in and landed. The air terminal is right there at the Vega plant and it was really thrilling for me to see. When I was coming up to their house I was about five blocks from the plant and I never saw it until Audrey showed it to me. That is the way it is camouflaged. It looks like a big hill and has houses and everything on it.

I went to the Hollywood Canteen too. I saw Marlene Dietrich, Claudette Colbert, George Raft, Adolphe Menjou and a bunch of others. I only had from Saturday night til Monday morning off but it was the best trip I’ve had. I hitchhiked all the way there and back and got there a lot faster than the bus.

Don’t worry about me because I am feeling ok now and I weigh 132. The only thing I find hard about being in the army is being away from home and all you folks I love so much. I didn’t realize how much everybody around home meant to me til I left. As long as I have such a swell family and sweetheart back home, being in the army isn’t so bad. The work is monotonous and everything but you get used to it.

When I get out of the army I will have gained a lot in many ways.

Guess I will close for tonight.

                                                                                               Love to all, Tom


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