Never dreamed I’d be traveling across the U.S.

11 Nov

November 3, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dear Pop

I have a very special request to make of you. Without beating around the bush here it is: I want you to cash in my other two bonds and lend me $10. I have $60 here and that would give me about $46 more. That way I can be sure of having enough money whenever we get our furloughs. I think we will get them sometime soon and I want to have the money ready. They talk about a troop train going to Washington but the fare on that would be about $70. I am going to map out a way so I can ride the pass from Cincinnati on in. One of the fellows who went to Roanoke on an emergency furlough made it in 3 1/2 days.

What do I have to do to get the pass on the N&W? Or can I use the annual pass? I used to think about traveling across the U.S. but I never dreamed I’d be doing it. But still, it’s worth anything to get back home.

Love to all, Tom


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