C rations: they’re pretty good and fill you up

11 Nov

November 1, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Hi Little Zoot,

You had better get on the ball with your lessons, from what I hear you aren’t passing everything.

I haven’t got any more match covers this time but I’ll get some whenever I get to town again. I’ll probably get hold of a lot when I go to Los Angeles again. There aren’t very many in Barstow. Almost every army camp puts out a match cover too and when I meet somebody from another camp I’ll try to get one of his camp.

About the only cooking utensils the army has is all mess hall equipment and that is great big stuff. We have our mess kits that we eat out of but they wouldn’t do much good. On the field problem we had ‘C’ rations. There are two cans a meal: one can has stew or beans in it and the other has hard tack, candy, and coffee. They’re pretty good and fill you up.

Guess I’ll close for now, Tom


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