Bombed (with flour sacks) from their planes

24 Oct

October 15, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dear Mom

I haven’t had much time to write this week, we’ve been doing some firing at night and it takes up about all our spare time. The reason my letters are postmarked a day or two after I write them is because they have to go to Camp Irwin then to Camp Haan before they’re sent out.

I’ve got a pretty good idea I’ll be home in December. We have three or four more weeks out here and two weeks training back at Haan then this period is over and we will be due to get 15 day furloughs.

Helen sent me two of the leaves that had turned and it sure was good to see them. I wish I could be back there and see all the trees and grass again. These bushes around here are turning greener since we’ve had some rain and the desert looks entirely different. The only thing that grows here is a bush about four feet high and a few weeds. Around here there’s nothing but sand and those bushes as far as you can see. Except the mountains make some pretty formations and they are especially pretty in the sunset.

Talking about the way you all imagined Barstow and these little towns to be, well they don’t have hitching posts but the sheriff in Barstow is a big, fat guy and he wears one of those ten gallon hats and looks right much like the sheriffs in the movies. Victorville has the most cowboys in it. I saw several guys there who were wearing guns, and it reminds you a lot of one of those western towns. All our targets are towed by planes from that air corps station there and on our field problems we will be bombed (with flour sacks) from their planes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill M. isn’t one of those guys that flies around here.

We had a pretty good joke on the British who were here. They were tracking the plane instead of the tow target and by mistake they started firing at the plane and the pilot left the range and didn’t come back.

I guess I’ll close for tonight. I miss you all an awful lot and I pray every night that it won’t be so long before I’ll be back with you. By the news it looks like my prayers are being answered. The war can’t last forever anyhow.

Love to all, Tom


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