All we do is set up guns as fast as we can

24 Oct

October 16, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Hello Hiker,

I heard about your blistered feet and dad’s. They ought to have you two in the army.

About that army equipment you wanted to know about. I can get those sleeping bags for $10 but you wouldn’t hardly use it much because it’s too big to carry on your back. If there is anything else you should want, let me know, I can probably get it for you. But of course, if you should want a 40 millimeter AA gun or a 50 caliber machine gun it may take a little time to get it.

You say you’re in charge of drilling in the troop now, what kind of movements do you give? “Left flank”, “to da rear”, “right oblique”, “left oblique” etc? We don’t get any drill anymore. This AA isn’t much like the Infantry; we don’t take exercise or drill and while we’re out here on the desert we don’t even stand retreat. All we do is set up guns as fast as we can. They call that artillery drill. Out here we set the guns up along a line in holes and fire on the target all day. Most of the targets are pulled by planes. We have ground targets pulled by trucks and rockets that fly through the air real fast.

Guess I’ll close for now.

So long, Tom


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