Whenever we move, we ride trucks

22 Oct

October 12, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Hi “Zoot”

Here’s a couple of match covers for our collection. I’ll try to get one from every town I’m in and you take care of the east coast.

About that sleeping bag, I do get to keep it. I don’t think we are allowed to take them overseas with us and whenever I get through with it you can have it. It’s not made to carry on your back. It’s a Coast Artillery sleeping bag and it rolls up in a bundle too large to carry on a hike. Whenever we move we ride trucks. Each gun section has two truckers so we don’t do much walking. Anyhow, you can have the sleeping bag whenever I am through with it.

We have been doing right much firing lately and getting right many hits too. We fire at a sleeve pulled by a Vega Ventura. This morning the pilot got to playing around and he would go up to the end of the firing line and fly all the way down the line about ten feet over our heads at about 175 mph.

Guess I’ll close for this time. I like to hear from you.

So Long, Tom


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