We had a muzzle burst on the gun

22 Oct

October 12, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dear Mom

I got Aunt Emma’s box today and it was a real nice box. I don’t know how my three day pass is coming along. I talked to Sgt. Call this evening and he said I may not be able to get it til we get back from the five day field problem, so I may not get to call you all.

We had a little accident the other day on the gun. We had a muzzle burst. The barrel was hot and the projectile (bullet) exploded just as it left the barrel. One of the men was burnt pretty bad. It tore the sleeve off my fatigue jacket and the Captain’s nose started bleeding. My arm was sticking up above the director and it didn’t hurt me at all except it did sting pretty hard. Things like that don’t happen very often, that was a bad shell or it wouldn’t have gone off so easily.

The nights are cooler now and it’s pretty damp. The desert is getting a little greener too since the rains have started. As far as weather is concerned it’s pretty comfortable out here now.

Love to all, Tom


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