Pistol Packin’ Mama

11 Oct

October 7, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Dear Mom,

Thanks a million for the package. I sure did appreciate the cookies. I needed the flashlight bad, too. We have one tent to write in but it’s always crowded. I can hang the flash light up in my tent and write by it now. When we go on field problems is when I need the light the worst. When the moon is down out here you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

We are having another rain tonight, but I was prepared for this one. I’ve got canvas over the front of my tent and with the flashlight here and your cookies, I’m as comfortable as can be (well, maybe I would be more comfortable if I was home sitting in one of those chairs by the radio.) I enjoy the paper a lot too, and a lot of others look at it too.

This is for Pop:  Lay that pistol down babe, lay that pistol down, Pistol Packin’ Mama wontcha lay that pistol down

That’s a pretty popular song out here. You here it everywhere. We usually sing it two or three times, whenever we are on the truck going to Barstow, with “You are My Sunshine” and “I’ve been working on the railroad.” We have a good time in the army after our work is done. It’s a different kind of good time than a civilian has. I think it’s because we are away from our homes and we appreciate things more.

Thanks again for the package and the newspapers and everything. You all sure do know how to make a fellow happy. Tell Pop to watch out for Pistol Packin’ Mama.

Love to all, Tom

P.S. You couldn’t guess what I’m drinking with your cookies. It’s good old Pepsi Cola. The Traveling P.X. is here tonight and I’ve drank three already.


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