Today was payday and I drew $43.60

30 Sep

September 30, 1943

Camp Irwin, Texas

Dear Mom,

We had our hike last night and it was 27 miles instead of 15. I don’t guess I have to tell you I was pretty tired by the time we got back in to camp. We haven’t had any rain for several days and it’s getting pretty dusty. That’s the worst thing about sleeping on the ground and when it rains we have a pretty big mess, too. These desert rains are really something.

Today was payday and I drew $43.60 and I collected about $6 I had lent out so I’m o.k. financially. We get to come in to Camp Irwin two or three times a week and I am in tonight. I got to take a shower and get a few Coca-colas. It was the first shower I’ve had since last Friday. They bring soft drinks out to our camp sometimes.

There is a British outfit out on the range with us and they have been in combat. They are pretty good on the guns and it’s real interesting to talk to them.

Thanks for the stamps. I don’t get much chance to buy them here because when we go into town the post office is closed. Tell Aunt Emma thanks for the package.

Love to all, Tom


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