I’m getting pretty tired of camping

28 Sep

September 28, 1943

Camp Irwin, California

Hello Zoot Suit,

From what I hear you’ve taken up wearing my drapes. I thought you said you wouldn’t ever start wearing them. Well I knew you would break down and start wearing them sometime.

We’ve got to spend about two months out here on the desert sleeping in pup tents so I guess you know, I’m getting pretty tired of camping. I have a good sleeping bag and I keep plenty warm at night even though it does get pretty cold. When the war is over you and I ought to get one of these jeeps and travel all over the U.S. and camp around. We’ll both be pretty good at camping (or bivouacing as we call it in the army) and it would be a lot of fun.

I guess I’ll close for this time. Take it easy on the drapes.

So long, Tom (Duke of the Desert)


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