Lucky enough to get a pass

27 Sep

USO letterhead

September 27, 1943

Barstow, California

Dear Mom,

I was lucky enough to get a pass and I’m in town this afternoon and tonight til 11:30. Barstow is 50 miles from where we are staying and they bring us here on trucks.

I haven’t seen rain at all until last night, but last night it looked like it made up for all that time in one big storm and it really rained. Of course we were in pup tents trying to sleep on the ground and I was expecting to float away anytime. I guess the rainy season is starting now and we’ll have a lot of it for a couple of months.

I haven’t heard from you all since last Sunday when I got Charlotte’s letter except for dad’s cards. I hope I get some mail soon because I sure do miss getting the letters from home.

We are having a pretty tough time out there on the desert and it’s harder now with the rain but it’s not as hot as it was when we were out there the first time. We have set up permanent gun positions and I guess we will go out and fire most of the days.

I’ll write again first chance I get. Write me a lot.

Love to all, Tommy


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