We are training on gun crews now

17 Sep

September 17. 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

I got a letter from my cousin Audrey you told me was out here. She wants me to come over Sunday. I am going if I can get a pass. We will be moving out for the desert Monday and I may not be able to get one. I will be out there for two months this time. Two months is what the schedule calls for but it may be longer. I expect we will be living in pup tents the biggest part of the time too.

I’ve been to town on passes almost every night this week. I went to a dance the other night. I guess all the fun will be over for awhile starting Monday but maybe I will get a chance to get into Barstow once in awhile while I am out there. Here is one thing I don’t think you understand, I am not getting Basic Training. We are training on gun crews now that will stay just like they are for the duration of the war. We don’t even have rifles or even fired a rifle but one time. We have had a few training films and classes and some hikes but that was all the basic we had. We are training for Anti-Aircraft only now, on the 40mm gun.

Hugh Ferguson has been writing to me and I enjoy his letters a lot. He is going through a lot too from what he says. I guess this war is hard on all of us. The news has been looking better and I hope it won’t be long.

I will close for tonight. Here is a picture of a gun crew just like the one I am assigned to.

Love to all, Tommy

American anti-aircraft crew photo


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