If you hang around in front of a studio you can see lots of beautiful girls

11 Sep

September 9, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

I got your package. Thanks for the candy and stuff. It sure does come in good out here. We have a pretty nice place here at Haan. We are sleeping in barracks, and the food is good. We are getting more sleep now too. We get up at 5:45. Veronica Lake is going to be here Saturday night and I may get to see her.

Our next period out on the desert won’t be so hard because we will have more time. Last time we put in about five weeks training in three weeks. It will be cooler then too. They have a rainy season here too, sometime during the winter months, and they say it really rains. We are not doing much now. I had a two day pass Monday and Tuesday and I may get a weekend pass but only half of the Battery can leave at one time. We may have to go out and set up gun positions around March Field tonight, but it will only be for a few hours.

We got the news about Italy surrendering and 17 Nazi divisions being trapped yesterday. The news keeps on looking good. The news keeps on looking good. You may be right, it won’t be long before we’ll be coming home. I hope so anyhow.

I had a good time in Hollywood yesterday, it’s always a lot of fun to go over there. I believe I like there better than I do New York. Right in Los Angeles it’s not so nice but on out in Beverly Hills and Hollywood it’s really pretty. All of the best shops and theaters are in Hollywood and if you hang around in front of a studio you can see lots of beautiful girls too. I was in Paramount Studios and I saw Gary Cooper, C.B. DeMille, and Martha Rae working. I saw part of the set used in “Reap the Wild Wind” and those ships used were only about 2 feet long and almost the whole picture was made in one room. I got in the studio with some other soldiers. I had to leave in time to get back to camp, but I think I can get another pass when I go back and I’ll be able to see more of how pictures are made.

I’ve gotten all of Dad’s cards but I’ve been getting them two and three at a time instead of one everyday. I like to get your mail and with a package from Aunt Emma and you, I have plenty to eat now.

Love to all, Tom


One Response to “If you hang around in front of a studio you can see lots of beautiful girls”

  1. Jerry W Leonard September 19, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    I am seeking anyone who may have served with my Dad, Spec 5 Henry Baine Leonard, in C Batt, 567th AAA (AW) in WWII. I am also hoping that someone has a true unit history that they could share with me. I have a copy of Dad’s map from the 567th showing their engagements but not much more. Unfortunately, like most Vets, Dad did not share a lot about the war; and then he was gone all too soon.
    Thanks for any help
    Jerry W. Leonard, CPT, USA [Ret]

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