Don’t ever worry about me cause I’m getting along ok

8 Sep






September 8, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

I’m back in Haan now and I will try to keep up my writing from now on. I was on a pass over in Hollywood Monday and Tuesday. I ate dinner in “Sardi’s”, the place where you hear that radio program “Breakfast at Sardi’s.” I had a good time over there and I want to go sometime during the broadcast.

We are going back to the desert in two weeks and we will stay for eight weeks or more. After this next stretch is over our Basic will be over and we are due to get furloughs. I may be home for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping and praying that we will. I’m getting so I don’t mind it much and I like what I am doing. Don’t ever worry about me cause I’m getting along ok.

I got Aunt Emma’s box today and I will be looking for yours. Tell Charlotte I am looking for those cookies and if I get them I’ll send something. One thing I would like for you all to send me sometimes is a newspaper from home. I sure would like to see one. I am going to send you a copy of our camp newspaper.

I’m pretty tired so I will close for tonight. I’ll write again tomorrow.

Love to all, Tom

P.S. I got all of dad’s cards.


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