One night pass to Hollywood

17 Aug

August 15, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

We are getting all packed up to leave in the morning. I have been out on a pass but they were cut short til 12 noon Sunday. I was in Hollywood last night. I went to the famous Hollywood Canteen and saw Kay Keyser’s band, Jimmy Durante, Robert Benchley, Deanna Durbin, and some others. Beverly Hills and Hollywood are awfully pretty but L.A. is right dirty. I had a good trip though and enjoyed it a lot. I couldn’t find a room last night so I had to stay up all night. Everybody else does that out here anyhow. I met up with two Marines before I went to the Canteen and we had a swell time. They were from San Pedro, about 20 miles from L.A.

I don’t expect you will hear from me so much while I’m on the desert. Part of the time we will be out in Death Valley studying combat problems. And some of the time we will be at the regular desert camp, Camp Irwin. My address will be the same and we will get our mail delivered about twice a week from Haan. I’ll write again the first chance I get.

Love to all, Tom


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