Plenty of zoot suits out here

15 Aug

My gun position

August 15, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Hello Bill,

Thought I would write you while I have time. We were out on a truck convoy last night. We went about 30 miles, stopped and slept for about 2 hours then turned around and came back. I have a good sleeping bag. I got it for $8.75 from Uncle Sam. It keeps me plenty warm. You almost have to have one when you go out on the desert. We are leaving for the desert Monday.

I am going to try to get over to Hollywood this weekend if I can get a pass. One thing you should see in this part of the country, there are almost more Mexicans and Indians around here than there are Americans. And they have plenty of “zoot suits” out here.

To let you know what I do here I pointed out my position on the gun on the picture at the top of the page. I like it pretty well. It’s better than any other position on the gun. We use those wooden airplanes, like you make in school, to study aircraft identification so we won’t shoot down any of our own planes. We look through a tube and a light is flashed on the plane for just a second and then we have to tell what it is. The other things we study are first aid, tank identification, gas attacks, telephone and radio, and different types of guns.

I’ll write again and tell you how the desert is.

“Zoot” Ferguson


One Response to “Plenty of zoot suits out here”

  1. Dana August 22, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    This makes me think of the 1981 movie Zoot Suit starring Edward Olmos. The west coast Zoot culture was so different from the east coast. I think I’ll have to watch that movie again and imagine Uncle Tom out in California observing that scene!

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