Getting ready for the desert

11 Aug

August 11, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Pop,

I got the shoes today and thanks a lot for getting them for me. One thing I would like for you to do for me is get one of those little metal bin tags made for me if you can. Just put on it:

Pvt. Thomas R. Ferguson

A.S.N. 33652379

I could use one to put on my bunk.

I crushed the knuckle on my second finger of my right hand and tore the skin on the back of my finger yesterday when we were lowering a gun. They have it taped up with a splint and I will be able to take that off in a few days. It sure did hurt when I did it. I caught my hand between two pieces of metal and the whole weight of the gun was on my hand. They took x-rays of it and said it would be ok. It’s pretty hard to write though.

We passed inspection today and are getting ready to go out on the desert Monday. I’ve heard some awful stories about that desert but I think I’ll make it ok.

Love to all, Tom


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