Our gun is the 40mm

4 Aug

August 4, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Pop,

We went on another one of those overnight hikes last night. We rode about 20 miles then set up camp and about 12 o’clock at night we started on a 10 mile hike. My heels are sore and I wasn’t able to drill today.

I guess you all had a pretty good time in New York. I went to Los Angeles Sunday but I didn’t get over to Hollywood. L.A. is a pretty good sized town but I like Riverside a lot better. Thanks for that razor blade thing. It comes in handy alright. Almost the whole platoon uses it.

We go out on the desert a week from Monday. They talk like they are going to send us to the beach instead of the desert. Some men have been dying from heat on the desert. I am a lateral gun pointer on the gun. I took several tests on that position and I came out ok. Maybe that will be my permanent position. Our gun is the 40 mm and it’s real interesting to work with it.

There goes taps so I’ll say good night.

Love to all, Tom


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