Weekend Pass to Riverside!

1 Aug

August 1, 1943

Riverside, California

Dear Mom,

I am on a weekend pass. I am in Riverside this morning, but I think I am going to LA in a little while. Me and the boy I am with spent the night at the C.S.O. (Christian Service Organization.) They gave us a bed and breakfast this morning all free. They were real nice to us. The more I see of California the more I like it. Riverside is a beautiful place. You know, you really ought to come out here sometime. You would really love it. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I think I would like to live out here when the war is over.

We got paid yesterday and I only got $25. They took out two months insurance and a sleeping bag which was $9 and laundry. I bought a cap which cost me five dollars. It is a good one, made of gaberdine. I am sending you two pictures I had taken of myself to show you what I look like in uniform. That is the cap I bought.

Tom in his uniform




I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I’m having a good time.

Love, Tom


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