Crash!! Sabotage!?

26 Jul

July 26, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Pop

We really had an exciting time around here today. I saw a Liberator crash right before my eyes. There were eight more that crashed in this vicinity today. Three of them right in Camp Haan within 45 minutes. It is probably sabotage. I hope there aren’t anymore because a lot of fellows have been killed today.

About one o’clock I was up in the kitchen with the mess sergeant and a friend of mine who is a cook. We saw an airplane going over with its motor on fire. The three of us ran out and got in the jeep they keep at the kitchen and started out to follow it. While we were going along I saw another plane with its motor on fire. It looked like it was coming right toward us and I yelled to the sergeant to get the jeep out of the way. The plane passed over us and its wing caught on a telephone pole about 200 yards from the road. When it hit it was pretty much on fire and it scattered all over the place. A machine gun was thrown almost to the road. One man came out alive out of a crew of eight. I hope I never see anything like that again.

The news is pretty good lately. I was glad to see Mussolini get kicked out and so was everybody else in the camp. We started singing “The Yanks are Coming Over Here” instead of over there. Some people seem to think the hardest part of the war will be with Japan but I think that if we get Germany, it won’t take so much to beat Japan.

I got another shot in the arm today and it was the worst one yet. I’ve had so many I’m getting used to it. We are going on an overnight hike tomorrow. We only have to hike 5 miles then camp and hike back the next day. I hope it’s cooler tomorrow, it’s been hotter than everything the last two days. Guess I’ll close for now.

Love  to all, Tom


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