Army training

22 Jul

July 22, 1943

Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

I sure would like to see some Virginia rain. It hasn’t even been cloudy since I got here. I have been serving on guard duty today and last night but I am off now.

We have been learning the guns for the last week. We are getting first aid classes and they emphasize protection against gas attacks here. We will have to go through gas chambers next week. We have an hour of drilling in the morning and an hour of exercise in the afternoon. The rest is just classes. We go on the desert then we will learn more about the guns and get to fire them. We stay out there for 21 days. It’s going to be pretty tough out there.

Tell Bill that we use airplanes like he made at school to train us to recognize the planes of different countries.

Guess I’ll be getting to bed early tonight. One advantage of this camp over Camp Lee is that here we don’t have to get up until 6 o’clock, back there it was 5:30.

Love to all, Tommy


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