I want to go home

16 Jul

July 16, 1943      Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

How are all you folks at home? I sure wish I was back there. I’m getting along pretty good out here. We took a six mile hike Tuesday and our exercises are pretty tough but I haven’t been sick any.

I stay homesick pretty much of the time. I can’t help thinking about home and being so far away makes it worse. I guess I’ll live through. I’m broke but I don’t really need any money cause we won’t be able to leave the camp until after July 31st. The shots they gave us cause us to be quarantined for so long.

I like it ok here but on the whole I don’t like the army. The only thing I don’t like is being away from home. It is pretty hard on a young fellow who likes his home. Two people have gone crazy and one tried to commit suicide in this Battalion. The change of life is too much for some people. I sure will be glad when the war is over and we can all go home.

Love to all, Tommy


One Response to “I want to go home”

  1. Charlotte July 23, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    This makes me feel so sad. We missed him, too.

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