Leaving Virginia

15 Jul

July 5, 1943            Camp Lee, Virginia

Postcard:     Dear Mom,

We are moving today. All I know is that it is a four day ride. I think my job in the army is truck driver. I expect we will be going to Texas or somewhere like that but I don’t know.

Love, Tom

July 6, 1943             Roanoke, Virginia

Postcard:     Dear Mom,

I am in Roanoke right now. The troop train was postponed by 1 day. Therefore I am passing Roanoke today instead of yesterday. It sure does make me homesick to pass through my home town and not be able to get off of the train.

Love, Tom

July 8, 1943             Kansas

Postcard:     Dear Mom,

We are still traveling. It looks like we are headed for the west coast. We are in Kansas now and only been traveling 48 hours. We have pullman cars and it is a troop train so we eat good too. The trip is not as tiresome as I thought it would be but I hate to be going so far from home. Goodbye for now, will write later.

Love, Tom

July 9, 1943            (traveling)

Postcard:     Dear Mom,

Still traveling. We are headed for Southern California and should get there tomorrow. Wonderful scenery out here. I always did want to go across the U.S. and now I’m doing it. So long for now.

Love,  Tom


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