In the army now

15 Jul

June 30, 1943          Camp Lee, Virginia

Dear Mom,

I didn’t get a chance to call last night and I don’t think I will be able to tonight. I don’t know where I’m going or when I’m going so you all cannot write to me.

I have sent you my insurance papers, they are supposed to be sent home, and my clothes will be there pretty soon. They are keeping us pretty busy the first few days. I have finished the test, taken the shots, and almost everything I have to do so I guess I’ll be moved pretty soon. I like it ok here and I believe I will like the army life.

Love to all, Tom

July 1, 1943             Camp Lee, Virginia

Dear Mom,

I am getting along swell. The food is pretty good down here. We had steak this evening with gravy and mashed potatoes. You can have all you want and you don’t have to have any ration stamps. I got my hair cut today and you wouldn’t know me if you saw me.

You can write to me now but don’t send any packages because I might not get them as I am likely to be shipped out of here anytime. I wish you would write me as soon as you get this. When you can, I would like to have my writing kit and a fountain pen of some kind. It’s almost time for “lights out” so I guess I’d better close.

                                                                                                         Love, Tom

July 2, 1943             Camp Lee, Virginia

Dear Mom,

I like it fine here. I went to a dance last night at the Servicemen’s Club. They served drinks and had a lot of pretty girls from Petersburg to dance with. Everything was free and there was a swell orchestra. You know, I wish I had gotten in the army a long time ago. It’s a better life than any civilian lived. At the PX (Post Exchange) here they got all kinds of stuff and all very cheap. Candy bars and chewing gum are 3 cents a piece and this writing kit only cost 4 cents.

We won a radio for our barracks for this coming week for having the cleanest barracks in the company. We really worked hard to get it but it’s nice to have.

The days seem awfully long, getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 10. It’s a lot different from the way I used to live but I like it. I weighed 128 pounds last night, that’s about five pounds I’ve gained so far. I guess I’ll be closing now.

                                                                                                       Love to all, Tom


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